Location : South West Coast

March 2014

Scope of Works :

KML's Salvage Team responded following a mayday call from the Sea Breeze at 7.00 am on Sunday 9 March 2014, who reported they were sinking via an engine room flood.  The vessel was located south of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall within relative proximity to the KML's Falmouth base.

After boarding the abandoned vessel from KML's tug 'Tennaherdhya', the team connected the tow and liaising with the UK Government's Marine Casualty Authority, SOSREP, slowly and gently towed the vessel towards safer refuge, whilst using salvage pumps to dewater the vessel.  KML's dive partners, Seawide Services, applied external patches to the stem the flooding and the situation as was rapidly and efficiently contained.

The Sea Breeze was carrying c.3000 te of limestone and 65 te of fuel & oil and was anchored in St Austell Bay, supported by KML's tug, landing craft, guard vessels and Seawide Services' dive teams.  The vessel was further stabilised and dewatered without pollution or incident, with a temporary exclusion zone being established around the vessel by SOSREP and efforts to keep the Sea Breeze safe and prevent any further damage until it was towed into Fowey Harbour for safe refuge and repair.