Keynvor MorLift (KML), the industrial marine contractor, is celebrating the purchase of Falmouth Wharves. The acquisition plays an important role in KML’s expansion plans which will see up to 39 new jobs created and will mean that the Wharves retain their historic, commercial maritime use for the future.

Keynvor MorLift, which is Cornish for ocean sea lift, was a tenant at the Wharves prior to the purchase. “This acquisition is an important and exciting step forward for KML in providing long-term focus to our operations – for the first time we will benefit from bringing our teams together and making Falmouth our headquarters.” said Diccon Rogers, Managing Director at KML.

“The deep water wharves at Falmouth will be a superb base for our local operations and a launch pad for projects further afield. The location and all-tide access will help us to better serve customers who require a rapid response particularly along the South coast, for example salvaging vessels. The site is also vital for supporting other marine sectors including marine renewable energy.”

KML will begin a phased re-development of the maritime site to repair, enhance and protect it. The long-term vision is to create a hub of specialist, commercial marine businesses whose skills complement one another and who can work together to deploy contracts locally, nationally and overseas.

KML’s purchase is also important for Falmouth Wharves itself. “There is a long list of commercial wharves and docks around the UK lost to residential and leisure development, to siltation, demolition, and infilling, or simply to plain neglect and abandonment. Many will recall how close the Wharves have come in the past to joining that list. We are now delighted to be redressing the balance in our own way, and we are planning phases of long-term repairs and improvements to the Wharves and its buildings. Falmouth Wharves will be firmly on the map for commercial marine operations.” said Rogers.

The purchase was made possible by the support of a capital grant from the Cornwall Marine Capital Fund – a Regional Growth Fund delegated grant programme managed by Cornwall Marine Network (CMN), the specialist Cornish marine business support organisation.

“This investment provides a significant opportunity for KML to enhance and grow their operations, create new jobs and to preserve and protect a strategically important marine industry asset. There will also be very positive spin-offs for other Cornish marine businesses that supply KML or partner with them.” said Paul Wickes, CEO of CMN.

Sarah Newton, MP for Truro and Falmouth, who has long supported saving the Wharves for maritime use said, “Congratulations to KML on their purchase of Falmouth Wharves. The Wharves are essential for supporting Cornwall’s small ship and work boat industry. The prospect of 39 new jobs created will be a real boost for Falmouth’s economy.”