The Severn Sea is currently on an unusual and exciting mission for Big Wave Productions who are producing a ground-breaking scientific documentary for ITV on the marine life in the Celtic Sea and what happens to a 'whale fall' in British Waters.

After initially discussing the project with Big Wave in early 2014, a humpback whale that drowned caught in fishing lines off Helmsdale this summer, was found for the science project with Plymouth University. The 30 ft and 9 tonne female humpback was frozen and detailed preparations for the expedition started.

Last week, Severn Sea set sail to the Celtic Deep with a very unusual tow, a team of marine production specialists and renown presenters Ellie Harrison and Ben Fogle.  Our crew was joined by, divers, whale fall scientists and shark experts to observe what happens to a whale carcass in British waters.  This is a completely natural event, very important for the ocean and has never been witnessed here before.

As the exciting operation unfolded the Severn Sea used the full extent of its survey spread and her excellent station keeping ability to provide a stable platform for filming operations whilst the extensive winch system on board allowed for pin point accuracy - The vessel's cougar XT ROV filmed wildlife at the surface.

Next step for the Severn Sea is to perform its most unusual subsea installation; the controlled sinking of the whale to the seabed per a strict MMO specification to 90 metres water depth.  The Severn Sea and her team are now returning to the Celtic Deep to continue filming with the ROV.

A spectacular project to be involved in!

To be continued on screen ....